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Statement of OHSE Policy

Management of South West Freight is committed to ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, that all employees are safe from injury and risk to health while they are at work.


The Chief Executive Officer of South West Freight recognises that the health, safety and environment of the employees is of primary importance and ranks it equally with all other financial and operation considerations.

As Responsible Officer, the accountability for employee occupational health, safety and environment rests with the Managing Director of South West Freight.

Statement of Environmental Policy

South West Freight is an Australian based organisation, committed to excellence, quality and leadership in all of its activities. South West Freight is committed to leading the way through innovations and progressiveness in all aspects of its operations.

South West Freight respects the natural environment and its life supporting ecosystems, and recognises the adverse impact human activities can impose on the natural environment.

South West Freight recognises it duty to the wider community to minimise its own environmental impacts through the implementation of sustainable and environmental best practices in all aspects of its operations and the continuous development of innovative approaches to environmental management.


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